Syberia is the development framework for R.

Make R a production-ready language
for deployable machine learning.

Install v0.6
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Ready for Production

With Syberia, experimenting with a model is the same as getting it ready for production.

Modular by Design

Syberia encourages clear separation of structure and has built-in support for testing and continuous integration.

Syberia is a Collection of R packages which Enforce Convention over Configuration

R codebases are typically loosely organized collections of scripts. By enforcing a structure that encourages separating out components for re-use and enabling automated testing, several long-term effects on the modeling process should emerge:

  • Research should be reproducible.
  • There should be no difference between experimenting with a new method and developing something for production (i.e., development = production).
  • Complex interdependencies should be incapable of causing breakdowns as a result of the inability of the developers to maintain such complexity.